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October 2017 - Spin This Box

$ 39.95

Twin Mommy Creations Is contributing 2 ounces - 100% South American Top and a hand made Stitch Marker!

Spun Sugar Yarns is contributing 2oz Batts of Rambouillet for your spinning pleasure

BattGirl Fiber is contributing a 4 oz total bag of Hand-dyed ERI Silk Sliver- Hand-dyed & carded into a very textured batt of Merino, Corriedale, Silk noils and Angelina, Jewel tone Banana Fiber and real Howlite Gemstone Pumpkin & Skull Stitch markers/Charms

Fiber Felt N More is contributing 3oz of 70/30 Dyed Merino and Bamboo,  Hand Painted Wood Buttons, and a set of eco friendly dryer balls